Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nothing To Sneeze At Clip 1, A Whole Lot of Explaining!

This clip has a very striking drawing style to it (though I suspect it switches to another animator at the end). I'm hoping someone will be able to tell me who animated this one.

So, besides posting about it here, I've been talking about finding these clips on Facebook. Animator Brian Mitchell, who is the best animation teacher I've ever had, said this, which just explains volumes about how this all went down: "Great American Animation was headed up by Randy Chaffee, in some small offices in Burbank, California, near Olive. Dan Hunn and Virgil Ross worked on some of these along with Chuck Harvey (who introduced me to Randy). I personally knocked out anywhere between 70-100 feet of animation a week...and it was all full. The price per foot was low (about $26) but because it was cartoony, it was fast to animate. The place where it needed more time and care was locking
down the keys, which would have made the cartoons look even better."

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